Accelerating the Manufacturing with intelligence and dosing accuracy


Accelerating the Manufacturing with intelligence and dosing accuracy.

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New paradigm of precision and dosing speed.

Increases productivity with more precision and less variability.

High productivity

Volumetric Dosing System highly productive, with the precision and reproducibility of Gravimetric Dosing Systems.


100% automated system for the calibration of metering pumps, which can be carried out outside the manufacturing shifts, at pre-programmed times and without the presence of operators.

Cost reduction

Drive system for the set of metering pumps, through a driving shaft and single motor, controlling all pumps simultaneously and reducing the cost of implantation.

Artificial Intelligence

High precision convergent dosing control system, emulating proportional valves closing control systems, using Artificial Intelligence resources (learning machine);


First Industrial Dispensing Machine on the market with patented individual self-calibration system for Metering Pumps, 100% automated and without the interference of operators.

Systems integration

Full integration with corporate systems, ERP and databases, enabling the implementation of the Industry 4.0 concept;

Digital Image Processing

Use of “Vision System” with Digital Image Processing for interlocking and filming operations.

Temperature Compensation

Automatic Temperature Compensation, individual for each dosing component, eliminates errors related to the volumetric expansion of the material.

How the RMA SMART DISPESING MACHINE connects with the automation concept of Industry 4.0:

Dosage for up to 100 components (clears, bases, colorants, solvents, additives, etc.), serving several product lines.



Total synergy with the TRANSMICELL (analyzer / qualifier for Bases and Colorants)

SMART DISPENSING MACHINE by RMA TECH brings together "the best of both worlds".

It combines the dosing speed of the Industrial Volumetric Dispensing Machines, but with the precision and reproducibility of the Industrial Gravimetric Dispensing Machines.




  • Great accuracy in dosages.
  • It uses electronic scales with high precision load cells.


  • Low Productivity (slowness).
  • Each component is dosed individually



  • Higher productivity;
  • All components of the formulation are dosed simultaneously.


  • Doubtful dosing accuracy.
  • Requires frequent calibrations.
  • Variations in ambient conditions affect dosage.


Searching for solutions to solve the individual deficiencies of each philosophy of Industrial Dispensing Machines available on the market, RMA idealized and patented a new equipment concept that, through innovative solutions, incorporates a new and sophisticated calibration system “on -line ”(closed) and 100% automated for each metering pump in the system, which performs this operation extremely quickly and accurately, through“ in-line provers ”.

Benefits of RMA TECH’s Smart Dispensing Machine:

We create disruptive technology that allows evolutionary leaps in the paint industry sector.

Our paradigms follow the other industrial segments that are in more advanced stages, such as the oil, petrochemical, paper and cellulose, pharmaceutical, automotive sectors, among others, where Industry 4.0 already has the necessary bases to establish itself.





The “IN-LINE PROVERS” are installed individually for each metering pump which allows the individual or joint calibration of several metering pumps to be carried out simultaneously, shortening the period necessary to carry out a calibration of the entire DISPENSING MACHINE dosing system.

The calibration process stores the individual historical data of each metering pump providing the maintenance area to obtain a predictive analysis of the life of each pump, facilitating the routine of equipment maintenance planning.

The “in line provide” are 100% manufactured in stainless steel, with seals resistant to any type of organic solvent or aqueous mixtures, being easily installed to the dosing pump modules through connections of the Tri Clamp type, which facilitates their assembly and disassembly when necessary.

Unlike the other Industrial Dispensing Machines offered on the market, RMA’s SMART DISPENSING MACHINE has an extremely revolutionary and innovative design, sharing a single drive motor for all metering pumps used in the equipment, which makes its implantation cost extremely competitive.

In this case, a single motor can simultaneously drive up to about 40 metering pumps, for the most diverse components to be metered, since all metering pumps are arranged along a single driving shaft, connected to an electric motor driven through a frequency inverter.

At the opposite end of the drive shaft motor, an encoder with a resolution of 360 pulses per rotation is installed that monitors the rotation of that axis, providing an accurate volumetric dosage for each component to be dosed.

Each metering pump is individually coupled to the shaft through a pneumatically operated gearing mechanism, eliminating any possibility of “slipping” as observed in clutch systems.

Thus, the electronic drive system has full control over which pumps are to be started and in which situation, depending on the formula of the product to be dosed.

Nesse caso, um único motor consegue acionar simultaneamente até cerca de 40 bombas dosadoras, para os mais diversos componentes a serem dosados, pois todas as bombas dosadoras são dispostas ao longo de um único eixo motriz, conectado a um motor elétrico acionado através de um inversor de frequência.

No extremo oposto ao motor do eixo motriz encontra-se instalado um encoder com resolução de 360 pulsos por rotação que monitora a rotação desse eixo, proporcionando uma dosagem volumétrica acurada para cada componente a ser dosado.

Cada bomba dosadora é acoplada ao eixo de forma individual através de um mecanismo de engrenamento com acionamento pneumático, eliminando qualquer possibilidade de “escorregamento” como observado em sistemas de embreagens.

Dessa forma, o sistema eletrônico de acionamento possui total controle sobre quais bombas deverão ser acionadas e em qual situação, dependendo da formula do produto a ser dosado.

The SMART DISPENSING MACHINE RMA was designed with a simultaneous dosing strategy for the components, but allowing the fine cut to happen extremely smoothly and accurately at a minimum flow rate (about 10% of the nominal), making the error due to the reaction time from the pneumatic actuator of the metering valve to the component being dosed is extremely low.

This makes the metering valves, even with simple action, behave like proportional action valves, eventually used in high precision Gravimetric Dispensing Machines.

Note: The graph above shows the RPM profile developed by the Driving Axis throughout the dosing process.

In this case, the Driving Axle remained operating most of the time at 400 RPM, only decelerating when there was a need to interrupt the dosage of one of the components at a low speed, thus increasing the accuracy of the interruption.

As soon as the interruption has occurred, the Driving Axis is again accelerated to recover the loading flow until it reaches the interruption point, of the next component to have its dosage finalized.

This makes the system achieve high dosing accuracy, due to interruptions occurring at low speed of the metering pumps.

In parallel with the productivity gain obtained through simultaneous dosing, the maximum loading flow is always targeted during the stages when the process is in a steady state.

Note: The graphic above shows the loading flow profile of the container where the various components are being dosed throughout the entire dosing cycle.

It can be seen that as time passes, and with the end of the dosages of the components, the loading flow gradually decreases until it completely ceases with the end of the dosage of the last component.

In this hypothetical situation, the total material load of the respective batch was carried out in about 4 minutes.

SMART DISPENCING MACHINE RMA has a dosage monitoring control commanded by a Vision System.

This dosage monitoring system works from digital image processing (Vision System), allowing an interesting simplification in the installation of the equipment, since it significantly reduces the number of sensors needed for the various dosing mechanisms such as Positioning Arms, monitoring of valve stems, etc.

The Vision System basically consists of a high-resolution digital camera, installed on top of the DISPENSING MACHINE RMA structure, and which has the function of observing and interlocking the action of all the dosing devices associated with the components to be dosed.

Monitoring also makes it possible to identify and film the entire loading process for each batch of material produced at SMART DISPENSING MACHINE RMA, thus obtaining a trackable history of what happened in each batch produced, from the point of view of images (film).

The Vision System software is able to identify the individual movement of each metering valve arm up to its metering position and also the performance of each metering valve used.

In order to further increase the dosing accuracy, since the SMART DISPENCING MACHINE RMA doses the materials in a volumetric way, the automatic temperature compensation was added to the machine concept, individually for each component to be dosed.

In this case, there is provision for the density data and expansion coefficients of each product to be loaded in the control and supervision software, providing automatic compensation of the material load to be dosed for each dosing pump, depending on the temperature at which each material is at the time of dosing.

PT-100 temperature sensors incorporated in the recirculation lines have the function of accurately measuring the temperature of each material, informing the PLC the operating temperature at the time of dosing.

With the temperature information associated with the material density at 25 ° C and also the data related to the Linear Expansion Coefficient of the material, the PLC will calculate the respective volume correction for each component to be dosed in each formula, thereby reducing significantly the error associated with this variable.

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