We create technology for a new era in the paint industry.

Who we are

RMA TECH was created in order to explore new paradigms for the Paint Industry, through technological creations that promote evolutionary leaps and point to a new direction for the sector, enabling the implementation of Industry 4.0.

Aware of the challenges that this segment still faces today and, through the accumulated knowledge of our CEO, with decades of experience and patents in paint manufacturing processes, we seek to develop new and disruptive processes, 100% focused on high productivity for our customers. Thus, through technological differentials, we created productivity leaps with better quality standards and cost reductions, totally revolutionizing the paint and coatings sector worldwide.

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Experience and Pioneering spirit.

In this sense, we seek to concentrate all our experience to enable our customers with solutions that seek to integrate the best existing technologies, combined with our own new and pioneering creations, exclusively for the paints and coatings sector, in order to significantly leverage their growth.

TECH 4.0

We offer equipment with unprecedented solutions in terms of technology that seek to accelerate and enhance the competitiveness for our customers.

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Nosso Time

Rogério Auad

He was a director, business leader and had prominent positions in his professional experiences, leaving essential contributions to the development of processes and equipment in the paint and petrochemical industry, which represented a milestone in terms of innovation.
Through his acquired baggage, he developed a peculiar look as he went through important phases of the production line and management, which allowed him to identify the need for technological projects that support the future of the paint segment.

Ernani Paludo
Technical and Commercial Director

Chemical Engineer, MBA from Federal University RS (UFRGS). Senior Product Manager South America, Technical Director, Sales and Marketing Manager, Business Director Brazil and South. Director of Quality and Continuous Improvement America at Dupont (Axalta Coatings). More than 32 years of experience in the paint industry. Experienced leader in product platform technology in the industry
of paints. Introduced “Lean Thinking” at Dupont in 2002 and the pilot in Brazil inspired the company globally to adopt the Production System
Dupont (DPS). Independent Lean Consultant with over 10 years of experience in several clients in Brazil.

Ismael Grehs
Control and Automation Engineering

Joselise Meirelles
Administration and Finance

Marco Antônio Auad
Control and Automation Engineering

José Edegar Fernandes Project Leader Engineer

Juliana Luzardo
Communication e Marketing

Diego Pohlmann
Communication Networks

Eduarda Diefenbach
Chemical Engineering

Ariel Brandt Lopez
Chemical Engineering

Do you want to multiply your plants' operational capacity while reducing costs?

RMA TECH develops projects of excellence in productivity, to the point of structuring the world with a different approach in the way of producing paints and coatings. We can easily imagine that if we managed to double the paint factories’ operational capacity through a paradigm shift, half of the paint factories in the world would no longer be needed. Thus, in addition to the gains associated with productivity and reductions in variability, all fixed costs, inventories and other operating costs, would instantly revert to business profit.

technology 4.0 equipment.

The simple integration of equipment and instruments currently used in the manufacture of paints available on the market does not allow for significant productivity gains, therefore, RMA TECH initially focused 100% of its activities on research and development of totally innovative instruments, capable of fully analyzing automatically and directly on the production line, the most complex characteristics of the paints, such as Color, Hiding Power, Strength, Viscosity and Density.ow in fact integrating process technology, information technology and artificial intelligence tools, directly on the “plant floor”.

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